About NMS & FCFP

Politics needs dialogue, trading needs exchange, culture understanding needs communication, science and technology, of course, needs a stage to share successes of research and development. As a result, international conference is very important for scientists, engineers and policy-makers.

In 1987, Prof. Yingyan Jiang together with Prof. Wenyin Xu and Prof. Kenichi Takemoto initiated International Symposium on Fine Chemistry and Functional Polymers (FCFP) to try to promote the scientific level of the researchers in the mainland of China and to promote understanding between China and foreign countries. It was for the time held in Hefei by China University of Science and Technology. The first trial got great success and it was highly recommended to continue.

 In 2004 FCFP-XIV was organized in Huhhot by Inner Mogolian University together with Prof. Fuli Tian.

In 2003 FCFP-XIII was organized in Quanzhou by Huaqiao University together with Prof. Mingchun Li.

 In 2002 FCFP-XII was organized in Lanzhou by Northwest Normal University together with Prof. Yunpu Wang.

 In 2001 FCFP-XI was organized in Hailar by Inner Mogolian University together with Prof. Fuli Tian.

 In 2000 FCFP-X was organized in Jinan by Shandong University together with Prof. Dezhang Chen.

 In 1999 FCFP-IX was organized in Haikou by Hainan Normal University together with Prof. Changri Han.

 In 1998 FCFP-VIII was organized in Taiyuan by Shanxi University together with Prof. Duxin Li.

 In 1997 FCFP-VII was organized in Baoding by Heibei University together with Prof. Jitai Li.

 In 1996 FCFP-VI was organized in Zhenzhou by Zhenzhou University together with Prof. Shaokui Cao.

 In 1994 FCFP-V was organized in Jinan by Shangdong University together with Prof. Xiangzhen Kong.

 In 1992 FCFP-IV was organized in Hangzhou by Zhejiang University together with Prof. Zhiquan Shen and Prof. Kenichi Takemoto.

 In 1990 FCFP-III was organized in Lanzhou by Northwest Normal University together with Prof. Yunpu Wang and Prof. Kenichi Takemoto.

 In 1988 FCFP-II was organized by Xi’an Modern Chemistry Research Institute together with Prof. Guanlin Bao and Prof. Kenichi Takemoto.


These symposiums greatly promoted the level of scientific research and development of the mainland in China and a lot of famous scientists were presented. In the meanwhile, a lot of young researchers grew up to be great scientists. A broader platform was needed at that time. In 2005, Prof. Stanislaw J. Penczek, member of Polish Academy of Science and chair in charge of Polymer Session of IUPAC, proposed the possibility to initiate the sponsorship. Consequently, IUPAC International Symposium on Novel Materials and their Synthesis (NMS) was established. It was organized every year and in odd years it will be organized in Shanghai during the golden October, by Fudan University at first. 

In 2011, in order to satisfy the needs of a lot of participants, the name of 'symposium' will be formally changed into 'conference'.

In 2014, to meet the urgent demands of our participants, it is changed to organize every year in some other hosting places.

In 2014, to remember the great contribution of the late Prof. Yingyan Jiang, FCFP serial symposium will not be organized any more. 

Due to the great support of a lot of famous scientists including some Nobel Laurates and academicians, this platform acts as a high-level platform between Chinese and foreign scholars and engineers in the areas of novel materials.